Fitness Break Room Podcast Reviews

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fitness break room podcast
Ryan124lv via iTunes

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to become a personal trainer or fitness professional. The Rachel Balkovic episode is awesome!

. Via iTunes

You'll love it. Great guests and awesome hosts.

Vaseline Ball Via iTunes

It's more than just fitness. Love this podcast. Plenty of fitness details to get into but Sam does a great job with getting down to the real-life aspects of the people he interviews. Recommended!

SJP51090 Via iTunes

Will definitely stay tuned. I love that they put out a lot of content up front so we can get a good feel for the scope of the show. They seem really passionate about learning and listening to peoples' wisdoms. Looking forward to listening to what's to come!

Hendu2 Via iTunes

Amazing podcast. This is a great podcast to listen to as I site at my desk job.

Jason Maher via iTunes

The Mark Fisher episode was gold. I'm looking forward to the next 6 episodes. I'm stoked for Sam. Sam's a great dude producing great content. Thanks, brother.

MrsH55 via iTunes

This podcast is awesome. Jessica and Sam have great chemistry and flow well together. It's pretty great that these two just want to help others with information. Looking forward to hearing more!!!

Ssorr4430 via iTunes

Great find! So happy to find your podcast. I loved your interview with DocJenFit!

Paolajane via iTunes

I've been waiting for something like this for quite a while now for motivational purposes! Such an intriguing podcast to get a grip on what's going on in the background in the fitness industry.

Hjdbsirenfbddj via iTunes

This is my new favorite podcast. As a person who wants to gain all the knowledge I can about the fitness business world, Sam and Jessica have delivered the perfect foundation for me. I can't think of a better place to get the inside do's and don'ts of the business. Hearing from real professionals that have lived it.

chrismomongan via iTunes

I've been looking for a good podcast that gives insight specifically into the fitness profession. Hearing about people's successes in the industry gives me hope that I made the right choice to start my own path toward fitness professionals and I feel this may be it.

Clayton (Coupe) via iTunes

The content Sam and Jess impart on this podcast with their great guests is invaluable. If you want to try to get into the industry like me you owe it to yourself to listen to these podcasts!

Awiselifestyle via iTunes

Love hearing awesome fellow industry people share their stories!

DeniseB22 via iTunes

I love love love the Jen Esquer episode!! She was one of the workout coaches during the Summit of Greatness earlier this year. She's such a positive person and you're just drawn to her method of coaching. I really loved listening to her journey and the challenges that she faced when she started. I think it's great to grasp the concept that there's nothing overnight about success, you work you craft for years, you learn, you grow, and things fall into place. Excited for all the knowledge to come!!

Sam Ziemba via iTunes

Listened to episode 007 with Rachel Balkovic and it blew me away. Such a great story about getting started and breaking down barriers which is highly transferable into any career. Can't wait to listen to the others.

Grapped via iTunes

I'm about three episodes in to this podcast, and am really liking it. I've been working in fitness for over ten years, and my wife is just starting her journey of becoming a trainer. There's a lot that both of us can learn, whether being more experienced or new to the industry. One of the things that really struck me was how non-dogmatic Jessica and Sam are when it comes to their guests and how they talk about fitness. That's a welcome change from what is found in a lot of gyms and fitness systems these days.