Mike Salemi’s journey in strength & conditioning started at the age of 15 as a competitive Powerlifter. At 19, Mike became a WABDL World Champion in the Bench Press and Deadlift. While working as a D1 collegiate strength & conditioning coach, Mike was introduced to the power of the kettlebell, and the work of respected Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek. Both have had large influences on Mike’s development as a more well-rounded athlete and person in the years that followed.

Currently, as an avid Kettlebell Sport competitor, Mike has achieved the ranking of Master of Sport (Long Cycle & Biathlon), and became the 2017 WAKSC World Champion in Long Cycle.

Through his unique approach, Mike has been able to integrate a high performance form of athletic training using a holistic model. His dream is to continue creating educational materials and programs that support a more balanced athlete.

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